Using Conflict Resolution skills with children and parents – EarlyOn (2024)


Sharing with families how to develop self-regulation skills in children to reduce stress in both parents and child

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Learning outcomes

  • Learn brain research related to help develop the brain to be a calm brain.  A Calm brain is a thinking brain.  You cannot solve problems without a Calm brain
  • Learn how emotional regulation connects with teaching children problem solving skills
  • Learn practical situations to practice the “Six steps of conflict resolution” for modelling to parents
  • Learn the powerful outcomes in teaching children how to think for themselves, calm their brains and learn ways to see conflict as problems to solve.
  • Learn how to engage parents in conversation related to other strategies or perspective in helping their child with social conflict, teaching them to think for themselves, teaching accountability for their actions.


Teaching self-regulation skills and how to model to parents

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about brain research and how it relates to teaching young children and adults specific ways to manage emotions
  • Learn about the importance of adults who care for children role in demonstrating/modelling ways to develop self control, manage negative emotions in a healthy non-destructive way
  • Learn ways to model these skills and integrate emotion curriculum in your Early On activities and materials in your program



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