consulting sERvices

Investing in Staff is Investing in Increasing Quality to your Centre.

Child care solutions inc. also offers


Hiring and Support for Replacing Permanent ECE and ECA Staff and Supervisors


Consulting Regarding Curriculum Development and Program Planning with Staff

Support for Centres Transitioning to a New Curriculum Model Such As: High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Emergent by:

Providing Training Workshops for their Staff

Continuous Feedback on a Weekly Basis with 1:1 Sessions with Teachers to Help them Progress in their Understanding of how to Implement the New Curriculum Model within their Classroom

Personal Feedback on their Program Plans as they Relate to the Curriculum Model and Integration of How Does Learning Happen Four Foundations

Classroom Observations and Providing Strategies and Tools to Minimize Stress in the Classroom By:

Sharing Ways to Shorten and Reduce Transition Times

Create a Program Schedule that Meets the Childrens' Needs

Sharing Resources for Developmentally Appropriate and Engaging Program Activities

Providing Behaviour Management Strategies to Help Reduce Challenging Behaviours within the Class

Transition Strategies to Reduce Chaos when Getting Children Ready to go Outside or Get Ready for Lunch and Sleep Time

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