Welcome to Child Care Solutions.
Where Quality Matters

We offer Multiservice for Child Care Centers and Educators’ Needs

Welcome to Child Care Solutions.
Where Quality Matters

We offer Multiservice for Child Care Centers and Educators’ Needs

Welcome to Child Care Solutions.
Where Quality Matters

We offer Multiservice for Child Care Centers and Educators’ Needs

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About Us

Cathy has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for 40 years.  She has an ECE degree from Ryerson University and has worked in many different areas of childcare and family support.  Passion for the being the best for children & families in her care and continual learning were what drove her in her growth and development in every aspect of her career.  She was a front-line educator working as an infant, toddler, preschool, school age educator, worked  and was a consultant in the family support sector before Early On family centers came into existence, she taught at various community colleges such as George Brown college, Humber, Sheridan, Seneca in both the ECE and ECA departments.  She worked as a private home day care provider when her children were young and then worked at Toronto Military Family Resource Center in many roles such as coordinator, program manager of both childcare and family support programs for Military families, interim Executive Director and is now the Founder and President of Child Care Solutions.

Child Care Solutions is the platform to give back to the Early childhood community by Sharing her vast experience, her love of making a real difference in children and families’ lives and her ability in putting research, theories into “what does that look like “ in a classroom through providing virtual workshops, consulting with centers re: their operational and coaching needs for their staff, and full time recruitment of staff to find  quality staff.

“The most important ingredient for quality early learning programs are Staff-child Interactions.  “ 

Virtual Workshops

I attended several Child Care Solutions’ workshops, and it was well worth my time. It was easy and I learned a lot. They teach you good stress-free strategies to use to encourage pro-social behaviour in children. Often, us ECEs feel enormous pressure trying to solve many problems in the classroom. Instead, we should encourage children to come up with their own solutions! Also, when you empathize with a child it helps them to calm down and be able to think and listen more easily - which is the best approach. I highly recommend these workshops; it was engaging, easy and the time passed by quickly.
- Stefano, RECE


I just want to say a great big thank you to Cathy and her amazing knowledge of How Does Learning Happen. The way she broke down all the elements was fantastic and very helpful. I have a totally new understanding of the ins and outs of this document and how to use it in my documentation.

She is very easy to talk to and encourages participants interaction.

She has a lot of hands on knowledge and experiences that we can all relate to.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Thanks again
- Shannon Cairns, RECE


I highly recommend taking Cathy’s training workshops. Her wealth of knowledge of children and behavior that she modeled and shared with me while my son was in her program was immeasurable. She taught me and modeled how to calm down a “crisis” where my children were having meltdowns or shouting matches which I felt no control over. She showed me how to create positive moments out of negative situations, how to break things down into one step direction to improve listening skills. My list could go on and on. I cannot put into words how much she had supported me as a parent in this journey we call parenthood.
- Kathy T, Parent


I highly recommend you check out Child Care Solutions Inc. I first met the founder and CEO Cathy Turalinski when I was an overwhelmed new mom of a spirited little boy. Although I struggled and often felt discouraged and alone, Cathy was so steady, knowledgeable, kind and encouraging with both my son and me. Since working with her more than a decade ago, Cathy is now offering virtual workshops , very similar to the workshops she gave at Military family resource Centre for our Military parents, me included. You will not be disappointed in what you will take away from these workshops in terms of knowledge and hands on experience that you can actually use with your child at home or in the classroom.
- Lisa T, Parent

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