“Child Care Solutions is a company that prides itself on quality and care. Their supply staff exude the values and skills we strive for when hiring quality Early Childhood Educators; professionalism, competency, knowledge and a nurturing disposition.  The staff come in prepared, ready to work, and ready to be a valued part of the team.  I appreciate the time Cathy takes to interview and train to ensure she is sending out top notchcaregivers and ‘not just a body to cover ratio.’  We appreciate the commitment and dedication to the child care industry.”

Sarah Bonell

Supervisor, Ascot Avenue Community Daycare

Roshni from Central Neighborhood House loves how responsive we are and the quality of staff we provide. She uses us a Go to agency as she knows shewill get a quick response day and night whether we have staff or not available before she moveson to other supply staff agencies.


Central Neighborhood House

Charlottetown Child Care loves that they can get consistent supply staff that are engaged with the children and provide enrichment to the classroom. They even hired one of our supply staff as a permanent staff after having her with their program over a 6 month period. They love our responsiveness to their calls and the supportive relationship that we have developed with Cathy who not only just sends us supply staff but who cares how we are doing and provides much needed additional support for our permanent staff as well. Her workshop on Assertive Communication for our staff was received well by our staff and we did start seeing changes as a result of the 4 hour workshop that was delivered over 2 evenings.

Charlottetown Child Care

I wanted to thank you and Child Care Solutions for assisting the school with quality, hardworking staff.  Staff attend on time, are most helpful, and quite accommodating to our needs and policies. I appreciate all the paperwork completed before the staff arrives as it provides a seamless transition upon arrival at the school. I look forward to continuing our working relationship throughout the year. 

S. Russo

Administrator , Peel Montessori Private School

Staff Testimonials

Working at Child Care Solutions was a valuable experience. Cathy has a lot of experience in child care and is a great mentor. She is reasonable, flexible and allows you to work the hours that fit your schedule. She also helps you to grow and develop as an ECE in a pace that is right for you. It is especially valuable if you are just starting off, this job will help you get on the right track. Working for CCS is a great experience and you will gain much more than just a paycheck!

Stefano Tehrani

Registered Early Childhood Educator, Former Child Care Solutions Inc. Employee

My name is Laurel MacArthur and I have been a Supply Registered Early Childhood Educator with Child Care Solutions for three years. While working for Child Care Solutions I have learned many things that will help propel me into my future career. My goal is to one day be an owner of a business that supports the child care field. To achieve this goal Child Care Solutions has allowed me to experience a wide variety of child care spaces all while building on my skills as an educator through the workshops that Cathy Turalinski holds. It has allowed me to test out strategies to support children through different types of behaviours, practice implementing developmentally appropriate activities, and understanding all the many policies and procedures that have been put in place. Cathy Turalinski has given me the support and guidance to develop my skills as an early childhood educator. Overall, my time with Child Care Solutions has been very beneficial towards the development of my career in the early childhood education field.

Laurel MacArthur

Registered Early Childhood Educator, Child Care Solutions Inc.

I worked for Childcare Solutions from December 2018-September 2019. This was a great way to learn everything there is to know hands on about being an Early Childhood Educator. It has made me appreciate my job so much more then ever. Cathy encouraged me to try everything in the world of ECE. She made sure that I had experiences in all areas and learned different types of programs by working in daycare centres, schools, and early learning centres. Working with this agency has provided me with a new direction in the field, and it has encouraged me to push myself to do better every single day. She has not only taught me to be a better ECE, but she has also encouraged me to learn so much more then I would have working in a full time position. She is very flexible as well, if you can only work part time or need certain days off she gives it to you. Making the experiences and learning from every person I met during my time with the agency, helped build my confidence as an educator and taught me to be the person I am at my job today.
I want to say thank you to Cathy for everything that she has done to encourage my learning process as an ECE.

Jessica Martin

Registered Early Childhood Educator, Child Care Solutions Inc.