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Committed to Professional Development

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Proudly Serving Halton, Peel, Peterborough, Durham Region and Toronto Region

Professional Attitudes

why choose us?

*Commitment to providing high quality supply staff

*Commitment to providing extra supports to our supply staff not found in any other supply staffing agency such as:

a) Mentoring opportunities

b) Extensive training-professional development opportunities

c) Resources for support in working with all age groups

d) On site observations of supply staff with feedback sessions to support goal development in becoming better teachers

e) Commitment to put our Quality staff in the field who have passion, openness to learning and ability to put feedback into practice 

Member Centres

Why Register With Us?

*Access to a pool of quality supply staff- both RECE and ECA

*Access to resources- parent tip sheets, resources for permanent staff for infant/toddler curriculum, effective communication with parents etc

*Access to recruitment support for hiring permanent staff 

*Access to consultation services, professional development for permanent staff

*Responsive customer service-24/7 access to booking staff and cancelling staff

Supply Staff

Why Work For Our Company?

*we provide career development guidance

*we provide current licensing requirements, new policies, changes in the field, resources to work with various age groups, behavior management strategies

*we provide mentoring opportunities

*we provide an opportunitiy to grow and develop as a teacher before becoming permanent full time

*we provide support in your transition from a new graduate to the workplace

*we provide 3 hour onsite observations and one hour feedback session to help you develop goals to continue building on becoming a better teacher