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Child Care Solutions is now offering  New Services to Support Early Childhood Educators in their professional learning needs  and For Parents in their journey of Parenthood
Virtual Interactive Workshops- Who can benefit?
* Individual Early Childhood Educators for CPL requirements,
* Primary and Kindergarten teachers
* Centre Supervisors, Directors, Owners for Staff team building
* School Boards for Professional Development Days
* Companies or Corporations who wish to support their workforce who are *Parents and need extra support in juggling work and being a parent to their child/children.
* Parents of child care centres to get additional support in understanding their child and expectations for their child in an early learning environment
* Early childhood associations and conferences related to Parenting and Early childhood environments and teaching.
Consulting Services – Who can Benefit?
* Directors, Owners, Supervisors of Licensed Child Care Centres,  Early On Years  Centres 
* Corporations looking at how to best support their parent workforce in what to look for in accessing child care
* Coaching  and Supporting new Supervisors in their role of Supervising a centre
* Coaching new staff as they transition in their role of Lead RECE in a new workplace
* Coaching staff in terms of identifying gaps in knowledge in order to increase their effectiveness in the class and reduce stress for themselves and the children .
Full time Recruitment Services- Who Can Benefit?
* Supervisors , Board of Directors  of Licensed Child Care Centres
* Positions include Full time RECE, Supervisor or Principal of Montessori Schools


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