Program Ideas


Here you will find activities, crafts and much more for your classroom!

Sensory Activities

Sensory Hoop

Construction Site Slime Sensory Play

Ocean Soap Foam Sensory Bin

Sensory Meets Big Art (Facebook Link)

Feel Board (From top left; the paper from a box of chocolates, very thick wool, shredded paper, small beads, wooded bees and ladybird stickers, packaging off papaya, pom poms, tin foil, cotton wool, craft straws, cut up elastic bands, felt, sand paper, large gems and feathers. All stuck on to black foam-board.)

Sensory Table (Facebook Link)

Bug Sensory (Facebook Link)

Tummy Time Painting

Edible Slimy Eyes Sensory Bag for Toddlers 

Construction Motor Fun

Discovery Tubes

Fizzy Dough (Facebook Link)

Sand Foam

Monster Game (Facebook Link)

Raining Slime (Facebook Link)

5 Slime Recipes (Facebook Link)

Playful Learning Spaces for Babies & Toddlers

Water Sensory Play with Magnets

Toddler Water Transfer

Pasta Bottle Fill

Sensory Walk

Washing Dishes Toddler Activity

Preschool Shapes Sensory Activity (Facebook Link)

Grinch Slime

Homemade Eye Spy Sensory Bag

Fine Motor Activities

Spider Web Fine Motor Activity