Supporting school age children with pandemic related social emotional issues through Conscious discipline


This NEW workshop will delve into understanding school age behaviour after the pandemic



This NEW workshop will delve into understanding school age behaviour, ways to uncover the roots for challenging behaviours, and provide opportunities for discussion and effective evidence-based research methods to mitigate these behaviour’s and develop strong positive relationships with the school age children in your program. Programming will also be discussed in relation building these strong, healthy relationships with school age children in your care.

Learning Outcomes

*Developing a better understanding of teaching and supporting grey emotions in school age children such as understanding definitions and situations where children may feel shame, humiliation, embarrassment, frustration, lonely, fear, and how to respond to these emotions in a healthy way.

*Understanding the “WHY” behind children’s responses to our attempts to teach them to be kind, cooperative, helpful

*Learning different ways of responding to children’s behaviour when they try to hurt another child emotionally or physically that will support both children in these scenarios and open up opportunities to be able to support them in using different ways of behaving when they feel upset, need to control, feel rejected, etc



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