Conflict Resolution for EarlyOn Programs


Exploring the many definitions of resiliency


To review and learn specific conflict resolution strategies to use in the workplace with colleagues, supervisors and with parents in an Early On setting

We will be addressing(assertive communication, avoidance of conflict, active listening skills, as it relates to dealing with conflict with parents and colleagues

To review and understand conflict resolution skills you use to model for parents when working with young children in the drop in setting environment

To understand the definition of de-escalation and strategies to use to de-escalate intense behavior from a parent that could turn into violent behavior

*What is definition of de-escalation

*Tips for responding in the moment

*Active listening techniques- guidelines

*De-escalating a situation when someone is angry or agitated- see scenario- share the scenario and use guidelines for active listening techniques to how to respond in the scenario


You will learn:

  • be able to identify an escalating conflict that could lead to out of control behavior with Parents
  • Understanding why this out of control behavior may happen and how program staff need to respond in these situations
  • Understanding how to approach conflict in a positive, healthy way and reflect on how we ourselves feel about conflict through our past experiences
  • tools and tips for de-escalation, modelling to children how to deal with conflict in an EarlyOn environment



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