Let There be Peace WOrkshop

Child Care Solutions

Let There Be Peace! Secrets To A Calmer Child

Calling all RECEs, Supervisors and Directors of Childcare Centres/EarlyON Centres/Private home daycare agencies

Do you want your staff to have less chaos and conflict in their classroom and more calm, productive play and learning instead? 

Do you want to decrease your teachers’ stress from children’s challenging behavior?

Do you want less melt downs and quicker recovery times with children in your classroom?

Our instructor will provide practical strategies in conjunction with the science in how children learn

What "Calm" Feels Like

Ways To Identify What Body Clues Tell Them When They Are Feeling Frustrated

Strategies To Incorporate Within A Curriculum To Deal With Those Feelings

The ‘STAR’ method will be demonstrated and includes resources and teacher infographics to reinforce learning


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