Jolly Phonics Workshop

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Jolly Phonics Training- For Children 3.5-5 Years Old

Calling all RECEs, Supervisors and Directors of Childcare Centres/EarlyON Centres/Private home daycare agencies

Are your children in your preschool program ready for Jolly Phonics?

Are your parents keen on having their children become good readers?

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What is Jolly Phonics?

Jolly Phonics is a proven phonics program that has been used in the school system and childcare centres for older preschool and JK/SK programs

Our instructor will take you through steps, just as they would when introducing it to the children in their class.  In this two-part, 60-minute, workshop, RECEs will be introduced to foundational reading readiness skills needed before introducing this system.

Not all children are alike in their learning journey. Find the differences and reap a best outcome.


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