Child Care Solutions Inc. offers a variety of professional services in addition to staffing in order to better serve you and help you run your organization more efficiently.

How is Quality Achieved?

Through the recruitment process which involves:

*phone interviews

*One hour face to face interview to determine ECE/ECA experience and knowledge base working with different age groups

*1.5 hour orientation session-review policies, workplace policies, child care policies, procedures, professionalism, ESA requirements,

*Documentation is then required before starting work-Medical-TB test,police check, first aid, RECE registration if a RECE etc.

Quarterly Workshops

One full day of training is provided which includes topics such as:

*Behavior Management

*Philosophies of Education

*How Learning Happens

*Self regulation

*Infant/Toddler Programming

*Inclusion- working with children with special needs

 These hours will go toward RECE’s CPL-Continuous Professional Profile

*3 hour observation of staff while working in a centre

*1 hour feedback session

*Use of rating scale called Building a Better Teacher based on National Occupational standards for Early childhood educators