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How Learning Happens in Infant and Toddler Settings

The Ontario Ministry of Education has created an important document titled How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years. The purpose of this document is to describe quality early years programs based on research and professional practice. Learning happens when educators build positive and responsive relationships, focus on children’s development and provide environments in which children learn through exploration and play. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the four foundations of learning – and how to enhance belonging, well-being, expression and engagement in infant and toddler settings utilizing these guidelines. Join this free webinar to gain new strategies, skills, and knowledge to improve interactions with infants and toddlers within your care.

Connecting Children to the Outdoors: The Importance of Natural Play (Part 1)

In this webinar we will take a look at outdoor learning environments. The focus will be on a return to nature when program planning, the use of natural materials and play spaces, curriculum brainstorming around bringing the learning outside. We will also be focusing on children’s storybooks that incorporate nature themes and natural play. This session will have ideas for all age groups (infants to school age settings).

Stress and Crisis Management

This webinar looks at stress; what it means, what causes it and what it looks like, as well as how we might reduce stress where possible. We also look at crisis; what it is, what causes it, what impact it has, and how we can deal with crisis. Included in this section is assertiveness vs. passivity and aggression. We also consider families who are challenged and therefore in crisis often.

Infection Prevention and Control in Child Care Settings 

Region of Peel Public Health Inspectors in collaboration with CDRCP developed an online resource for child care educators. The resource is a two-parts webinar that will help child care educators enhance their knowledge about infection prevention and control practices in child care settings. The first part of the webinar provides information on hand washing, diapering and cleaning and disinfection. The second part focuses on sensory play, self-serving, gardening and animals. 

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