Child Care Solutions

Our History

Child Care Solutions Inc was incorporated on Dec 15,2015 and opened their doors on May 4, 2016.  Cathy Turalinski, founder and CEO of Child Care Solutions was on a mission to give back to the early childhood field after working as an RECE in a variety of different roles over a 35-year span.

She saw how supply staff in centres were not being trained or supported in their role of supply.  Supply staffing positions are difficult as they require ECE’s and ECA’s to be extremely adaptable, knowledgeable about all age groups and understand different policies and procedures of many different early learning environments.  The expectations are high and the pay is low.  Cathy saw creating this business as a way to invest in supply staff to help build them to become equipped to be an effective full time teacher.  She wanted to help them decide the type of early learning environment that would work best for them before jumping into the field and finding out the centre’s philosophy and values is not a fit for them. Mentoring and guiding is what she does best. Her passion is children.  Quality staff mean children will benefit. Today, Child Care Solutions has grown and will continue to grow in providing additional virtual services to meet the need to continue mentoring, teaching and supporting full-time teachers in the field and now parents.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children and families are the backbone of our society and deserve the best in services that help them navigate this journey of growth and development.  Supporting child care centres by teaching and mentoring their teachers and our supply teachers, will provide increased knowledge that will benefit both parents and children of the centres they are attending.

Our Vision

Our vision aims to inspire and deliver responsive, relationship focused hiring services and training services to meet both the hiring needs and staff development needs of Child Care Employers, thus, rocketing us to the top as a highly respected agency in the child care field.

Our Values


We understand being truthful is key to building and maintaining beneficial relationships– we pride ourselves on being transparent with our staff, our clients and each other.


“We are committed to increasing the quality of the your centre through our consulting services, virtual workshops and training modules for your staff, and full time placement services for RECE’s and Supervisors.”


“We work hard to listen closely to your needs and find solutions to support you in enriching the Quality in your centre.”

Our People


We look for passionate, dedicated staff that will enhance your program. 


We have a detailed training process where staff complete training modules and videos to better understand their role of supporting your centre


Ready To Work

We have the expertise and experience in finding you a full time RECE and Supervisor to add value to your programs.


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