Our vision aims to inspire and develop our professional pool of staff while delivering responsive, relationship focused services to prospective centre Supervisors, thus, rocketing us to the top as a highly respected supply staff and consulting agency in the Child Care Sector.

About our teachers

Our supply teachers will have met all the requirements needed for their personnel file such as an up to date Vulnerable Sector Police Check, RECE designation, completed ECE diploma or degree from a recognized Community college and/or university, record of their qualifications, up to date medical with TB shots and immunization records, signing off on policies for child care centres with emphasis on serious occurrence policy, child abuse policies ,behaviour management policies, confidentiality and ethics, professionalism, anaphylactic policies. They will each have a shirt that designates them as an employee of Child Care Solutions Inc they will wear to their prospective centres.

Their personnel profile will be emailed to the Supervisor before they start a shift with all the documentation the Ministry requires for staff working in a child care centre. Supervisors may keep this file on hand since the goal is to use our supply staff consistently for centres. A one day training and orientation requirement will also be part of their hiring process.