Our vision aims to inspire and develop our professional pool of staff while delivering responsive, relationship focused services to prospective centre Supervisors, thus, rocketing us to the top as a highly respected supply staff and consulting agency in the Child Care Sector.

Who are we?

Cathy Turalinski is an RECE, BA from Ryerson University , a Mom of two children and entrepreneur. She has worked over 35years in the field of Early Childhood Education as a teacher, consultant for family resource centres, Program Manager and supervisor for Military population, Interim ED , Home day care Provider , Instructor for George Brown College, Humber, Sheridan and Seneca in both ECE and ECA departments.

This wealth of experience and knowledge in the field has driven her to share her passion of providing the best for young children and their families with the next generation of ECE’s and ECA’s.

Providing centres who want more than just a “warm body” to replace a staff with teachers who are passionate, open to learning and want to continue to better themselves is what Cathy is all about. It is a win-win for everyone.