Our vision aims to inspire and develop our professional pool of staff while delivering responsive, relationship focused services to prospective centre Supervisors, thus, rocketing us to the top as a highly respected supply staff and consulting agency in the Child Care Sector.

values for our supply staff

We value the time, skills and passion of our staff, thus, we are committed to providing fair and living wages, reasonable and flexible work schedules, clear duties and opportunities for advancement within a temp agency. We are committed to engaging our staff through workshops, special events, paid and unpaid professional development opportunities, one to one mentoring sessions, which will lead them, if they choose, to a full time permanent position.

Values for our member centres

We are committed to our member centres in offering expertise in technology related challenges, evaluating and providing recommendations for increased skills and knowledge base to their permanent staff in a non threatening, positive spirit of learning and growing, professional development lunch and learn sessions for permanent staff, with the priority being that member centres are given access to a pool of supply staff that will meet their needs.